Tree Removal for My Home

Living in my Connecticut home is one of the biggest pleasures of my life.  Raising a family and living with my husband brings me so much joy.  I like the fact that I can enjoy my yard, my kitchen, and all other features, especially enjoying each season for what its worth.  The snows of the winter, soft breezes of the spring, warmth of the summer and cool of the fall (my favorite).  However I need to take a few measures each season to make sure my home is up to the standards that I want for my daily life.

That brings me to my next point, which is some modifications to my yard.  While I personally think that more plant life is essentially always good, sometimes its necessary to make some changes (such as when a tree is diseased, broken or otherwise threatening to fall over).  Here’s the recent story of some tree removal that I needed to take on for my backyard and front yard.

Tree Surgery for Disease

Trees and plants can get diseases just like animals, and when it becomes a problem it takes a specialist to remove the diseased parts.  This is what we needed to do for one giant Oak tree in our frontyard.  We called in a “tree surgeon” who assessed the situation.  We were told that they could take out a portion of the tree without losing it all.

It reminded me of this tree I had at my grandmothers house when I was growing up.  It was low enough that we could climb up to the first level of branches, and it had a big hollow inside where we could hide things.  It took on the aura of a “magic tree” where we could hide things, make them disappear.  Only years later did we realize that the tree and it’s hollow was actually quite diseased and eventually had to be taken down.  A shame, but at least it didn’t collapse on us when we were kids!

Total Tree Removal After Storm Damage

Other issues aside from tree diseases are damaged branches and limbs from storms.  We had a rough patch of thunderstorms and snow storms over the winter and it took its toll on several trees in our backyard.  We had the same tree service take a look at this and we were told they needed to be removed completely.

This was a shame but it goes to show that early prevention can be very helpful in avoiding potential damage or complete tree collapse overall.  For homes that are in woody (“arboreal”) areas, these types of tree problems can be big issues.  Overall it’s important to keep an eye on these things to avoid any potential future problems.  It’s a somewhat unknown liability of being a homeowner.