Redesigning My House – Room by Room

What to do, what to do.  I’ve been contemplating redesigning several areas of my house for some time.  The multitude of questions remain unanswered.  Color scene? Furniture? New appliances?  Molding?  What the heck is molding anyway?

Well I decided to start small, with my laundry room.  Seems like a strange place to start but it’s actually quite useful to handle a smaller instance first, and then branch out.  Laundry rooms need to be clean and friendly, you don’t want to think about dirt and grime when you are cleaning your families clothes.  They also need to have a certain design to the furniture placements, and all the variance appliances and equipment and supplies need to be placed just right and be able to fit within the room, all within easy reach.

A Few Things I’ve Learned

A few things we’ve thought about, one is getting a new washing machine that could fit in a more compact space.  Something like a combination washer/dryer or a front-load stackable washer/dryer.  Not sure exactly how that will play out but we’ve done a little bit of research and we think it might be the way to go.

Another thing we’ve considered is getting a nice smooth table to do the clothes folding etc.  This hasn’t been something we’ve done in the past, it’s been a little bit of a Hodge-podge set-up, and we feel that it’s just about time to get our act together and start doing laundry like a professional set up.  We need to get our Feng-Shui on!

A third thing we’ve considered is what to do about all our laundry detergents, we need some place out of site to store all of them.  We have, probably, more then usual because we take pride in utilizing home-made and custom made detergents that are easy on the environment.  Given the vastness of our collection we can’t just have them sitting out on the floor.  Perhaps cabinets underneath our new table could do the trick?

Lastly, however, I wanted to reach out to the readers for their feedback.  Anything would be appreciated, as we know you’ve probably all been through this before as well.  We know that everyone goes through a laundry-room phase at least one in their life, so how did you tackle the challenges?  Did you get a stackable washer/dryer to fit more space?  Did you create a new section just for detergents?  What about wallpaper or other designs?  All these variants could be put to great use, so let us know!!