Keeping the Kids Active – A (Not So) Brand New Backyard Playset for the Spring

A quick note about being both a homeowner and parent.  Living in Connecticut we get a decent amount of beautiful weather (along with, especially this year, a decent amount of winter brutality).  Today kids have so much in terms of technology to consume and spend time on that it can take away from the necessary 60 minutes of recommended activity.  So for younger children I have taken two different routes.  One is strictly limiting screen time for kids to one-hour a day.  The other is to provide ample opportunity for fun activities outside in the yard.

Kid’s need these resources, especially kids that are relatively well off.  For those with video games and televisions, and smart phones (even the little ones have them nowadays!)  It’s not as simple as “going outside” and playing in th dirt, hopping fences and scraping knees.  Something a little extra needs to be done to get them outside on a more regular basis.  Enter the backyard playset, a wonderful addition to my home that I had installed a few months ago.

This is in my house in Fairfeild County, Connecticut.  It is from this past spring, it is a great addition to the yard and it gives the kiddies a really great retreat from indoors and from the call of the iPad or X-Box.

I got it relatively easily, from companies like Gorilla Playsets that will deliver it right to your door and there are also playset installation companies in Connecticut and the surrounding areas.  The great guys at Tri-State came very quickly and were very professional, so a very big and well-earned thanks to them.  The end result was such a beautiful display that I was almost emotional.

It’s great to be able to provide such a beautiful asset to my children to be used fro years to come.  I fyou are within the means to get yourself something similar, I highly recommend it.

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